Engagement with customers

Gazprom Neft builds direct and long-term relationships with its customers, engages in dialogues with them based on the principles of transparency and mutual respect, provides them with timely and responsible information about its products and services, and is also improving the customer complaint system. The Company constantly studies the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of its products and service, analyses their key demands, and offers tailored customer service.

Customer awareness

The Company employs communication channels developed for each specific audience to generate awareness among different groups of consumers (retail, corporate, wholesale).

In 2017, the Company launched the ‘Quality Leader’ communications project in an effort to raise awareness among retail customers about the quality of Gazprom Neft petrol and diesel fuel and strengthen Gazprom Neft’s image as an industry expert on quality control issues. The following large-scale media campaigns were held among motorists to promote Gazprom Neft's fuel quality control system: an interregional campaign on open fuel quality testing in nine regions of the Russian Federation (World Quality Day) as well as the creation and demonstration of a immersive virtual reality film called ‘Fuel Path’ that customers can watch using virtual reality glasses at filling stations. The Company shows off the reliability of its petroleum products as part of a fuel partnership with major automobile and motor events (Silk Road Rally, Top-5 Auto Award, Harley-Davidson Festivals, etc.) and also during international competitions as part of the G-Drive Racing project. Press tours are conducted at the Company's industrial facilities for specialized journalists and bloggers who write about automotive themes.

In an effort to generate awareness among corporate and wholesale customers, the Company utilizes:

  • industry-specific and expert events such as exhibitions, conferences, and round tables
  • information letters, brochures, and booklets
  • the placement of information on corporate websites and external online resources
  • a direct dialogue between management and clients at training sessions and seminars for partners and consumers, meetings as well as information and technical sessions with representatives of the industry-based ministries of the regions of the Russian Federation
  • branded packaging

Response to consumer demand

The Company has a Unified Customer Support Centre (UCSC) to interact with retail customers – a 24/7 multi-channel service that promptly responds to customer requests. The service includes a number of traditional and digital tools for communication with customers: a call centre, IVR (intelligent voice menu), email, feedback forms, online consultants on the website, instant messenger chats, and a mobile app for the filling station chain.

All inquiries are recorded in the OTRS unified system for the registration and processing of inquiries (tickets) based on their type and subject. The current system promptly processes unconventional inquiries and complaints by sending them to the appropriate service of the Company in order to prepare a response and also stores the history of all inquiries. The quality of customer consultation via all communication channels is regularly monitored over the course of a month. If any violations are detected, corrective measures are taken to resolve the issue.

In 2017, comments from customers of the Gazprom Neft retail chain mainly focused on such issues as the functioning of filling stations and automated filling stations (prices, the scope and quality of service, and the operation of customer systems at filling stations, among other things), further developing service at filling stations, and improving the loyalty programme.

The Company engages with the commercial customers of its petroleum products through:

  • responding to customer requests
  • the procedure for collecting regular feedback from customers and suppliers
  • interacting with retail and commercial customers on the basis of OES services (operational evaluation of situations) in which qualified technical opinions and consultations on equipment operation modes are given in response to incoming requests
  • the process of recording transactions, petroleum product supplies, and claim work
  • quality assessments to ensure parameters comply with the latest requirements of ISO 8217 and the expectations of counterparties
  • conducting focus groups and creating working groups involving representatives of various consumer segments

Assessment of customer satisfaction

The Company assesses the satisfaction of retail consumers with the quality of motor fuel and service in regular sociological polls, studying feedback given at CRM system touch screens in the checkout area of filling stations, and analysing comments and inquiries sent via the Company’s Hotline and social media.

The NPS (Net Promoters Score) loyalty index of Gazpromneft-Bitumen customers scored 73 out of 100 points. Just over 82% of respondents noted the professionalism of employees, while almost 79% mentioned the high quality of products.

TNS study

The research company TNS Russia has conducted a consumer survey since 2016 with the question ‘Choose a gas station which you believe can be rated as ‘excellent’ in terms of the quality and availability of fuel’. In the survey conducted in the second half of 2017, the retail customers’ assessment of the quality and availability of fuel at the filling stations of the Gazpromneft network increased by 2 p.p. compared with 2016. A total of 71% of Gazpromneft customers gave an ‘excellent’ rating for the quality and availability of fuel.

Study of satisfaction among customers of the Gazprom Neft retail chain in the Russian Federation
Indicator 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
NPS Net Promoters Score. NPS data and service are comparable within the periods 2013-2015 and 2016-2017 (the jump in 2015-2016 is due to a change in methodology). 32 40 32 57 59
Satisfaction with servicePercentage of customers who gave a maximum score of 9 and 10 in response to the question of satisfaction with service.,% 41 49 46 64 68
Customer satisfaction index (aggregated satisfaction indicator) The decrease in the indicator in 2017 is a result of business development processes as Gazpromneft-Lubricants actively expanded into foreign markets as well as instability on the domestic market.
Companies 2015 2016 2017
Gazpromneft-Lubricants 3.08 3.20 3.08
Gazpromneft Marine Bunker 3.8 3.4 3.7