Goals and objectives for 2018

Exploration and production

  • Development of the resource base
  • Maintaining the capability of achieving the strategic target for the production of 100 million TOE
  • Managing the basic fund as well as geological and technical measures to comply with short-term restrictions with minimal negative long-term impact
  • Maximizing financial performance indicators by increasing the share of high-margin hydrocarbon production
  • Increasing production through the launch of new large-scale projects
  • Maintaining production levels at mature fields as a result of technological solutions
  • Improving drilling efficiency through the use of new technologies
  • Hydrocarbon production in 2018 of 92.9 million tonnes of oil and oil and condensate of 63.3 million tonnes
  • Ensuring that oil production in the Russian Federation grows at a pace no lower than that of 2017 (56 million tonnes)

Oil refining and sales

  • Continue implementing projects to increase the depth of oil refining and environmental projects, including the continued construction of deep oil refining complexes at the Omsk and Moscow Oil Refineries and the Pancevo Oil Refinery in Serbia
  • Implementing programmes to improve the efficiency of oil refining and reduce costs
  • Maximizing sales of oil products manufactured through the Company’s own channels

Improving product quality

Objectives of oil refineries:

  • preparing and coordinating documentation for the production of fuel for RT brand jet engines in accordance with GOST 10227-86
  • launching the production of diesel fuel per Technical Specifications 38.301-19-155-2009
  • launching the production of unleaded petrol per GOST 32513-2013
  • launching the production of TS-1 fuel planned for production after the launch of the Euro+ installation (combined oil refining unit)

Objectives of the product business units:

  • the development, introduction, and replication of targeted automated processes
  • an increase in the sales of ULSFO 0.1 ultra-low sulphur fuels
  • an increase in the share of the sale of branded products
  • compliance with the new planned MARPOL restrictions on the sulphur content in marine fuels (no more than 0.5% in international waters and 0.1% in emission control zones)
  • the development of premium high-margin greases by Gazpromneft Grease
  • an expansion in the range of synthetic oils through the development of formulas for key products with a focus on the use of internal base oil resources
  • maintaining and strengthening the Company’s technological leadership in the introduction of innovative technologies in the production of bituminous materials
  • preserving the Company’s market share in the volume of bitumen materials and premium bitumen production given the enhanced requirements for the quality of bitumen produced on CIS markets