Strategy in action

The foundation of the Company’s activities is the Gazprom Neft Development Strategy until 2025, which was approved by the Board of Directors in 2013 and updated in 2017. By implementing the plans outlined in the strategy, the Company aims to create the highest added value in the oil and gas industry in Russia on the capital invested by its shareholders.

A focused strategy based on technological leadership and continuous improvements to operational efficiency and safety are the decisive factors in the Company’s success given the variability in the external environment and the challenges it poses.

In recent years, the Company has made significant progress in industrial safety and has become a leader in operating efficiency in Russia. Now the Company is committed to becoming one of the global leaders in terms of efficiency. To this end, the Company has introduced an operational management system (OMS) that facilitates the overall development of the organization and encompasses such important areas as enhancing occupational safety, improving asset reliability, boosting efficiency, and optimizing the Company’s operations as a whole. The OMS is designed to integrate these activities into a unified system and strengthen the links between different systems, standards, and regulations.

Prirazlomnaya — The world’s first ice-resistant platform in the Arctic
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Восточная Мессояха
East Messoyakha — Russia’s northernmost continental field
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«Ворота Арктики»
Gates of the Arctic — The world’s only Arctic oil loading terminal
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«Технологический центр «Бажен»
Bazhen Technological Centre — New industrialization of Western Siberia
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Высокоэффективные НПЗ
Modernization of oil refineries — Increased production efficiency
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Производство катализаторов
Construction of a catalyst production facility — Import substitution of oil refining catalysts
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