Gates of the arctic

The world’s only Arctic oil loading terminal

Novoportovskoye field

490 mn TOE recoverable reserves The national classification of reserves and resources of oil, gas, condensate and components contained therein, from the industrial value.
5.95 mn t of oil produced in 2017
1.26 bn m3 of gas produced in 2017

The Novoportovskoye field is the northernmost and one of the largest oil and gas condensate fields on the Yamal Peninsula. Novy Port light crude oil is produced at the field with a low sulphur content (about 0.1%). The Gates of the Arctic, a unique marine terminal that is designed to operate at low temperatures, handles year-round shipments of crude oil. ‘Zero discharge’ technology prevents pollutants from entering the waters of Ob Bay. The Company is building its own fleet, including modern icebreakers and Arctic tankers, in order to transport oil along the Northern Sea Route.

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