East messoyakha

Russia’s northernmost continental field

East Messoyakha field

Recoverable reserves (100%) The national classification of reserves and resources of oil, gas, condensate and components contained therein, from the industrial value. 353.3 mn t of oil
2.9 mn t of condensate 119 bn m3 of gas
3.16 mn t of oil (100%) produced in 2017

Complex technical and logistical solutions were used to develop the field located beyond the Arctic Circle in order to minimize the impact on the Arctic ecosystem. The Company built special deer crossings when routing pipelines in areas of deer migration as well as underground crossings under the large Muduyahu and Indikyahu rivers. Modern equipment reduces water consumption by 25%.

The first stage of the East Messoyakha field was put into operation in 2016. Fishbone technology was used in the field’s development to build wells with multiple horizontal branches that lead to separate oil fields without without penetrating the layers containing gas or water.

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