Construction of a catalyst production facility

Import substitution of oil refining catalysts
RUB 23 bn investment in the complex's construction
21,000 t per year Capacity of the complex under construction
15,000 t per year catalytic cracking catalysts 6,000 t per year hydrogenization processes catalysts

Gazprom Neft’s project to establish the high-tech production of modern and efficient domestic catalysts for secondary refining processes in Omsk transitioned to the practical implementation phase in 2017. The Russian Ministry of Energy granted national status to the Gazprom Neft project.

The project’s implementation will enable the Company to create a new high-intensity business line for the production and maintenance of catalytic cracking, hydrotreatment, and hydrocracking catalysts. In addition, a reactivation unit for regenerated hydrotreating catalysts is also to be built within the complex. The new complex is scheduled to be commissioned in 2020.

The Company is developing innovative catalysts and technologies for their production in cooperation with leading Russian catalytic process research centres. The Company successfully introduced the new catalysts and technological solutions for a number of industrial processes at its refineries in 2017.

Catalyst production complex under construction (Omsk Oil Refinery)