Corporate culture

Gazprom Neft’s values form the basis for its corporate culture. The focuses and objectives of the corporate culture are determined by the Company’s strategy and the challenges faced by the oil industry.

Values of Gazprom Neft

  • Safety and a Green Focus. Our priority is the safety of people, the environment, and the Company’s property.
  • Integrity. We are open and honest with respect for one another, the Company, our partners, competitors, and the public. We practice what we preach.
  • Leadership. We take initiative and strive to be the best in everything we do; we set ambitious goals and bear personal responsibility for the result.
  • Winning mentality. We are positive, believe in our success, are not afraid of difficulties, and develop skills to effectively meet major challenges.
  • Responsible owner’s mentality. We are careful with the Company’s assets and resources, and care about safety and augmentation.
  • Mutual respect and trust. We respect ourselves and others, solve complex problems together, trust each other’s professionalism, and help our colleagues to achieve success.

One of the key feedback tools that the Company can use to assess how satisfied employees are with different aspects of their work and identify the Company’s strengths as an employer and areas for improvement is the social and psychological climate study.

In 2017, 27,316 employees from 54 subsidiaries took part in the study. In addition, some 2,500 employees took part in focus groups and 249 managers were interviewed.

A new format of the report was prepared as part of the study to provide an opportunity to analyse data on various indicators of target audiences throughout the Company, a subsidiary, or unit. An additional analysis of data was conducted on professional burnout, groups of employees were identified, and recommendations on ways to prevent this phenomenon were generated.

The level of involvement of employees increased by 2 percentage points compared with 2016 and amounted to 74%.

Key drivers of involvement:
  • trust in top management
  • commitment to the Company
  • a high level of awareness

The staff training system is among the important factors that contributed to the greater involvement of employees in the reporting year – estimates for this parameter increased significantly over the past year.