Cooperation with trade unions

The Company actively develops long-term partnerships with trade union organizations. It cooperates with the Oil and Gas Construction Union (OGCU) at the sectoral and regional levels and routinely holds meetings and conferences with members of the Central Council of the OGCU as well as working meetings with regional and local leaders of the Russian Chemical Union in the regions where the Company operates.

Gazprom Neft takes part in the activities of the Industry Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labour Relations and discussions on the terms of the sectoral agreement on oil and gas industry organizations and the construction of oil and gas facilities in the Russian Federation.

Union representatives are actively involved in work to develop a culture of occupational safety at the Company, discussions concerning changes to the Company’s social benefits system, meetings of HR service executives, and activities to create safe work conditions. The Company has a Youth Commission that protects the interests of young workers and new young specialists taking part in adaptation programmes.

Gazprom Neft’s social obligations are enshrined in local regulatory acts (LRA) and collective bargaining agreements that govern social and labour relations between the employer and employees. These LRA and agreements reflect both health and safety issues as well as the obligations that the Company undertakes in this regard with respect to its employees. In accordance with the terms of the LRA, collective bargaining agreements, and labour legislation, Gazprom Neft provides a high level of social guarantees in cases when production is shut down/optimized and works to support the employment of staff at its subsidiaries.

No significant changes were made to collective bargaining agreements in 2017. A meeting of the Corporate Coordinating Council for Work with Unions provided a positive assessment of social and labour relations on the part of unions.

Developing a dialogue

In 2017, the Company revived the Corporate Coordinating Council for Work with Unions, which includes representatives of the administration of Gazprom Neft and chairmen from the Company’s largest union organizations.

The Council participants will develop a direct dialogue on labour relations that require the settlement and harmonization of approaches. Creating the Council was Gazprom Neft’s next step in involving union leaders in the Company’s activities, enabling them to protect the long-term interests of employees while taking into account the balance of interests of all stakeholders.