Goals and objectives for 2018

Staff motivation

  • Develop a unified model of comprehensive incentives that aims to balance out the compensation package for different groups of staff and synchronize it with other HR management tools
  • Launch a project to upgrade the bonus system based on the integrated performance evaluation process for departments and employees
  • Update the bonus programme for long-term and major projects involving the construction and reconstruction of facilities in accordance with the current operating models
  • Update of the system of compensation and benefits for the Downstream Division and switch the Division’s subsidiaries to a unified wage scale

Staff training and development

  • Improve the quality and expand the coverage of targeted development programmes and executive development programmes at the Corporate University
  • Further develop professional communities and internal training
  • Develop personal educational trajectories
  • Provide comprehensive support to transform the corporate culture of Gazprom Neft, develop skills to manage changes at the Company, and offer methodical support to the teams that are implementing the transformation projects
  • Evaluate the activities of the Corporate University’s departments, select the most effective approaches, and introduce them as best practices at the Company
  • Further develop the Corporate University’s portal and introduce artificial intelligence technologies in distance learning programmes