Development of the talent pool

Gazprom Neft’s talent pool formation system aims to meet the Company’s demand for skilled employees in the present and future.

Gazprom Neft’s talent pool formation system

‘Gazprom Classes’

Support for the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition

In 2017, Gazprom Neft served as the general sponsor for the Baltic Science and Engineering Competition.

The largest scientific competition among schoolchildren, which has been held in St. Petersburg since 2005. The final round of the competition included 348 students from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The winners of the competition joined the Russian team that took part in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). Twelve participants (8 projects) were winners at the world finals and were awarded certificates by the Intel ISEF scientific jury.

Each year more than 200 scientists – doctors and candidates of sciences, university teachers, and post-graduate students – take part in the competition’s jury.

The first specialized Gazpromneft-Class took place at Lyceum No. 82 in St. Petersburg during the reporting year. In addition to the core programme with an in-depth study of natural sciences, students studied specialized subjects, such as the fundamentals of geology and materials science, mathematical modelling in the oil industry, applied physics, time management, and the theory of inventive problem-solving. Students worked with case studies that develop creative and research potential.

Gazpromneft-Class joined the ‘Gazprom Class’ programme in 2017, which enabled students to take part in projects managed by the Gazprom Group. One such project was a powwow of ‘Gazprom Classes’ held in Sochi. The powwow programme included scientific, educational, sports, cultural, excursion, and team-building blocks.

“Gazprom Neft has become one of the leaders in the Russian oil and gas industry today in terms of the level of technological effectiveness. The conditions for field development get more complex with each passing year and the industry constantly needs new solutions and approaches, so we try to find talented kids who are still in school and encourage their interest in obtaining an engineering education and studying exact sciences”.
Mars Khasanov Gazprom Neft Technology Director and General Director of the Research and Technology Centre

Core departments and master’s programmes at universities

The Company’s experts are involved in forming and developing standard and special programmes and courses that are created in accordance with corporate objectives at core departments and master’s programmes at universities. This helps students to develop the necessary skills and to attract young professionals with relevant knowledge for the Company. The Company organizes extended (up to six months) internship programmes at its enterprises, which facilitate the further deepening of specialized knowledge among young professionals.

The Company cooperates on an ongoing basis with industry-focused universities in St Petersburg (St Petersburg Mining University, St Petersburg Polytechnic University and St Petersburg State University) and Moscow (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), and also with regional universities (Tyumen and Omsk State Technical Universities, Tomsk Polytechnic University).

Gazprom Neft Research and Technology Conference of Young Professionals

The conferences for young professionals who are working their way through the Company’s production units aim to develop innovative thinking and involve young professionals in rationalization activities. The 7th Research and Technology Conference of the Upstream Division was held in a new format in 2017 with participants defending reports in seven sections, including the ‘Capital Construction’ and ‘Gas and Energy’ sections for the first time. A total of 86 young professionals took part in the conference and presented 77 reports to the jury commissions. The Research and Technology Conference of the Upstream Division was held in an open format for the first time and included representatives of Lukoil, Rosneft as well as leading oil and gas industry universities. The best works by the students were awarded with a RUB 2-million grant named after Honoured Oil Refining Worker Alexander Sannikov for the first time. In total, 71 participants gave presentations at the conference, which is twice as much as the previous year. The ‘HSE’ and ‘Digital Technologies and Business Support’ sections made their debut in the conference programme.

Participation in WorldSkills

At the WorldSkills Hi-Tech Championship in 2017, the Company’s employees finished among the top five in the ‘Chemical Analysis Laboratory’ skill, while another Gazprom Neft employee took third place in the ‘Network and System Administration’ category.

Talent Committee

One of the key tools used to select candidates for the talent pool are meetings of the Talent Committee at which key functional managers consider and take decisions about promoting employees based on the results of an annual assessment of their activities and potential. In 2017, the regular performance assessment encompassed 19,000 employees, a 50% increase from the previous year. The assessment results serve as a basis for planning the development goals of employees, impact the size of annual bonuses and salary reviews, and serve as a starting point for the formation of the talent pool.

Talent pool development programmes

“Over the six months of the programme, the participants had to solve unconventional problems. In addition to their professional skills, they were required to demonstrate the ability to respond quickly to changing external factors. So they not only obtained the knowledge they will need in their everyday work, but also got an understanding of the principles of personal growth”.
Nikolay Dolgov Head of the Gazprom Neft Staff Development and Training Department

Updates were made in 2017 to the manager development programmes: ‘First Step’ and ‘Growth Manager’ for line managers at subsidiaries, ‘Professional Management’ for line managers at the Corporate Centre, ‘Bachelor of Management’ for the Company’s mid-level management, and ‘Master of Management’ with strict criteria for selecting experienced executives who hold high positions and have significant influence on the Company’s business. The new programmes aim to solve business problems, including the analysis of internal cases, and cover modern economic and technological trends such as digitalization, robotics, the fourth industrial revolution, the economy of joint consumption, and continuing education, among others. The Company’s senior executives are the supervisors of the programmes.

The ‘Growth’ career planning portal became accessible to all the Company’s employees in 2017, providing each of them with the opportunity to take part in the management of their professional and career development. The portal allows employees to envision themselves as professionals, select a career path using this resource, assess their skills, and get recommendations for further development.