Results of social activities in 2017

Implementation of socioeconomic agreements

In 2017, the Company implemented socioeconomic agreements with the governments of 21 regions of the Russian Federation and the administrations of 20 municipalities. Under the agreements, funds were spent on the construction, repair, and reconstruction of social facilities as well as the modernization and maintenance of infrastructure in rural areas.

Major projects implemented as part of the agreements


  • Construction of branches of the Avangard Hockey Academy (Labytnangi and Muravlenko)
  • Construction of the Polyarny sports and recreational complex (Labytnangi)
  • Construction of apartment buildings (Novy Port village)
  • Construction of daycare facilities (Muravlenko and Noyabrsk)
  • Construction of a school for 400 people (Tarko-Sale).
  • Construction of a sports complex Yamal Arena (Salekhard)


  • Construction of a residential building with 120 apartments in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk
  • Construction of an indoor hockey rink (Novoagansk village)
  • Construction of a playing field (Russkinskaya village)
  • Construction of a modular rural cultural centre (Repolovo village in the Khanty-Mansiysk district)

Omsk Region

  • Support for the Avangard children's sports school
  • Construction of a playing field and sports complex to comply with the government’s ‘Fit for Labour and Defence’ athletic requirements standards at School No. 106 in Omsk
  • Construction of training grounds in Beregovoy village
  • Construction of an area with weightlifting benches in Omsk (joint project with Shlemenko school)
  • Reconstruction of the Smena ice hockey centre in Omsk
  • Repairs at Koltyugin school
  • Repairs at Daycare No. 9 in the city of Tara
  • Repairs at Sever Cultural and Leisure Centre in Tara

Orenburg Region

  • Improvements to the Lastochka daycare facility in Berdyanka village (Orenburg)
  • Repair of cultural centres in Berdyanka village (Orenburg) and Mryasovo village
  • Construction of a sports complex in Samorodovo (Orenburg)
  • Modernization of a library in Blagoslovenka village

Tomsk Region

  • Reconstruction of the Teremok daycare facility in Novy Vasyugan village
  • Construction of a family recreation park in Parabel village
“Economic cooperation agreements remain the best way to implement major infrastructure projects. However, here we adhere to the principles of investment, not sponsorship. Along with the regional authorities, we study the real needs of the territories. This helps to be sure that every rouble invested is being used for real improvements in the quality of life in the regions”.
Sergey Bilkey Head of the Gazprom Neft Regional Development Department