Fulfilment of 2017 goals and objectives

Level of fulfilment Goals and result
Targets of the Upstream Division

Implement the energy conservation and improved energy efficiency programmes (466 mn kWh). Achieve the planned specific electricity consumption indicators for the Upstream Division (29.98 kWh/TJ)
The goal was achieved, the programme exceeded the targets, and specific electricity consumption was 1.4% lower than the plan for the year taking into account normalization
Targets of the Downstream Division

Implement the Downstream Division’s energy conservation programme and conserve the following main fuel and energy resources:
  • heat energy – 171,500 Gcal
  • fuel – 57,300 TOE
  • electricity – 15.2 mn kWh
The goal was achieved and the programme exceeded the targets
Upstream Division

Focuses for energy conservation in terms of machinery and technology:
  • use of high efficiency electric submersible pump units
  • introducing electric submersible pump units with an expanded work area
  • conducting geological and technical measures to reduce water produced and pump it into the formation
  • installation of variable frequency drives on pumping equipment
  • replacement of submersible cables with cables that have an enlarged cross-section
  • pilot testing of pump equipment with improved performance and efficiency indicators
  • reconstruction/modernization of pump units
  • installation of LED lighting fixtures and the introduction of infrared electric heaters
The goal was achieved and these measures were implemented in full
Downstream Division

Key focuses in improving energy efficiency and energy conservation management:
  • improve work efficiency and optimize the processing behaviour of energy and technological equipment
  • reduce the fuel and energy intensity of technological processes
  • reduce losses of fuel and energy resources
  • increase the proportion of steam condensate returned by process units
  • increase the efficiency of heat exchange processes and the generation and use of thermal energy in core and auxiliary processes
  • improve the infrastructure level of core and auxiliary production processes at enterprises with metering devices
  • introduce the energy management system
  • introduce and expand the perimeter of the Energy Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 5000
The goal was achieved and these measures were implemented in full
Downstream Division

Improve the reliability of power supplies (medium-term objectives):
  • search for, adapt, and replicate new technologies, methods, and best practices, establish a new functionality, and increase the use and effectiveness of the system’s existing resources (material resources and staff)
  • strengthen and centralize the functional vertical of energy management
  • expand the functions of the Main Control Room as regards the real-time assessment and monitoring of energy equipment reliability indicators
  • systematic work to improve the skill and motivation level of staff
  • perform additional targeted research work in matters concerning reliability
The goal was achieved and these measures were implemented in full
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