Fulfilment of 2017 goals and objectives

In 2017, the Company continued progressing towards its medium-term goals as part of work to implement industrial programmes for the modernization and construction of infrastructure by 2020 taking into account the requirements to reduce the man-made environmental impact. The environmental target set for 2017 were met in full.

Level of fulfilment Goals and result
Achieve targeted specific air emissions

Specific air emissions in 2017 totalled:
  • 3.17 kg/t for extracted hydrocarbons
  • 1.09 kg/t for refined hydrocarbons
Achieve targeted specific greenhouse gas emissions

Specific greenhouse gas emissions amounted to:
  • 219,540 tonnes/million tonnes of extracted hydrocarbons
  • 222,990 tonnes/million tonnes of refined hydrocarbons
Reduce the discharge of contaminated and insufficiently treated wastewater into the ground, surface water bodies, and centralized water disposal systems

The discharge volume decreased by 19% compared with 2016
Increase the proportion of disposed and recycled waste

The proportion of waste shipped off for disposal and recycling increased by 4.93% compared with 2016 and amounted to 83.51%
Achieve the target for above-limit payments for negative environmental impact

The proportion of above-limit payments in the overall payment for negative environmental impact was 0.23%.
Medium-term goal. Achieve the target level for the utilization of associated petroleum gas (APG) (95%)

This is a medium-term goal. The level of APG utilization was 76.16% in 2017. The action programme to achieve the medium-term indicator was fully implemented during the reporting year
Conduct technical and communication measures that aim to mitigate the negative environmental impact and develop environmental consciousness as part of the Year of Ecology

A comprehensive programme including more than 1,100 events was implemented as part of the Year of Ecology. Investment in the programme amounted to more than RUB 17.5 billion
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