Preserving biodiversity

Gazprom Neft is implementing a perpetual corporate programme to preserve biodiversity based on a list of flora and fauna that serve as indicators of the stable condition of the marine ecosystems in Russia’s Arctic zone. The programme was developed by the Company jointly with leading scientific research institutes, Russian Arctic National Park, and the Marine Mammal Council taking into recommendations from the UN Development Programme, the Global Environment Facility, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the World Wildlife Fund in Russia.

The Company carries out environmental monitoring of its impact on the Arctic ecosystems in the area of its operations. Studies conducted in 2017, including toxicological and genetic analyses of biological samples, did not reveal any significant changes.

Starting in 2017, the Company introduced action programmes to preserve biodiversity for all its assets located in Russia. The implementation of these programmes will be continued in full in 2018.

A programme to reproduce aquatic biological resources is a key component of the Company's field development projects.

The Company’s enterprises released 36 million valuable young fry into reservoirs during the reporting year as part of the programme to reproduce aquatic biological resources. Gazpromneft-Khantos, Gazpromneft-Yamal, Messoyakhaneftegaz, Gazpromneft-Muravlenko, and Gazpromneft-Omsk Oil Refinery took part in the programme.