Safety culture

In an effort to develop a safety culture, the Company employs the following set of measures: phased mandatory and additional training and assessments, establishing awareness and activism among Gazprom Neft and contractors as well as strengthening leadership and the commitment of leaders to safety values.

As part of the ‘Goal – Zero’ programme, a number of the Company’s managers have become leaders in initiatives that aim to minimize the number of accidents. Such initiatives include ‘Risk assessment training for staff’, ‘Water transport’, ‘Railway transport safety’, and ‘Operation of existing facilities’", among others. Each of these initiatives encompasses one of the specific areas in which the leader and the team that the leader has assembled are developing and implementing various projects to improve safety.

These projects include safety audits in a specific area, identifying areas for improvement, and developing action plans using best practices.

An industrial safety training system based on the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, corporate standards, and best practices ensure the establishment of a safety culture at the Company. The Corporate University of Gazprom Neft has an Industrial Safety Department whose curriculum is developed by both external experts and internal trainers. Internal coaching plays a key role in achieving the ‘Goal – Zero’. Internal coaches trained more than 7,000 of the Company’s employees internally in 2017, while roughly 20,000 employees took part in communication sessions.

Another project that was launched in 2017 was the ‘Agents of Change Team’ in which the production staff is involved in improving industrial safety as experts and ‘overseers’ of the state of safety at their site.

The Company is developing distance learning and has introduced and offers the courses ‘Occupational safety in the office’, ‘Procedure for ensuring and managing fire safety’, ‘Electrical safety’, ‘Anti-alcohol policy’, and ‘Safe driving’, among others.

Occupational safety training for employees (people) Source: Company data
“When granting employees the status of an internal trainer, the Company affirms the high level of their qualification and offers them new opportunities for professional development. In turn, it is extremely convenient for their colleagues that there is always a trainer nearby who is ready to answer difficult production questions”.
Alexey Ovechkin CEO of Gazpromneft-Yamal