Stakeholder engagement

The Company develops and implements its industrial safety and environmental protection strategy in cooperation with key stakeholders.

Formats of engagement Examples of engagement in 2017
Government authorities
  • Involvement in work to develop existing industrial safety and environmental legislation standards and draft new bills
  • Involvement in work of the Industrial Safety Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

In 2017, the Company was involved in the drafting and revision of a number of standards, including: the Federal Law “On the Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”, the Federal Standards “Rules for the Safe Operation of Field Pipelines” and “Safety Rules for the Hazardous Production Facilities of Underground Gas Storage Facilities”, and “Safety Rules for Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities”, among others

  • Corporate forums and seminars for the ecologists of subsidiaries
  • Participation in specialized industry-specific events.
  • Organization of environmental actions involving employees
  • Support for the environmental projects of Gazprom Neft volunteers

The Gazprom Neft conferences during National Occupational Safety Week were attended by 150 specialists from the Company in 2017. A set of solutions was drawn up based on their work to prevent incidents, accidents, and injuries and improve interaction with contractors.

More than 6,000 people took part in 100 Saturday volunteer clean-up days with the support of Gazprom Neft as part of the Year of Ecology

Expert community, non-profits
  • Joint development of environmental programmes and the creation and introduction of new safety technologies
  • Involvement of experts in the research and evaluation of the effectiveness of the Company’s environmental programmes

The Company implemented a biodiversity conservation programme during the reporting year in conjunction with the Severtsov Institute for Ecology and Evolution

Local communities
  • Organization of public hearings for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) when developing new projects
  • Education and involvement of local communities in environmental activities

In 2017, public discussions were held and public approval was secured for 16 Gazprom Neft projects, including the major overhaul of the Prirazlomnaya platform, seismic exploration within the Dolginskoye oil field, and the construction of the Biosphera biological treatment plants at the Omsk Refinery, among others.

Artem Borovik Park in Moscow hosted the Ecotochka lecture hall with the Company’s support in 2017 at which experts and representatives of public organizations held master classes and open lectures for anyone wishing to attend

Partners and company of the industry
  • Exchange of experience at industry events and visits to partner production sites

A visit to the infrastructure facilities of Gazprom Neft-Logistics in Omsk was arranged for representatives of the Austrian company OMV Aktiengeselschaft. The working meetings were held as part of an exchange of experience in matters concerning industrial safety in the operation of railway transport facilities and railway infrastructure. Gazprom Neft specialists had also previously visited OMV refineries in Romania and Austria