Sustainable development priorities

The Company’s key sustainable development priorities are to maximize production safety, mitigate any environmental impacts, develop staff, promote the development of regions, and take stakeholders’ interests into consideration. These priorities and their respective goals are consistent with global trends and sustainable development goals, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in 2015

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Sustainable development goals of Gazprom Neft and the UN SDG

Economy and manufacturing

Company’s goals:
  • attaining business targets: 100 mn TOE – production volume by 2025, 40 mn t of oil – oil refining volume in Russia, 95% – oil refining depth, 100% – products made by the Company’s oil refineries and sold through its own distribution channels by 2025
  • enhancing the efficiency of core activities
  • developing and introducing innovations
Company’s activities:
  • development of fields in Russia and abroad
  • modernization of oil refining facilities and enhancing the efficiency of their operations
  • introducing innovative technologies that increase the service life of mature fields and develop hard-to-recover oil reserves while increasing the depth of oil refining
  • boosting labour productivity
  • developing the sales network for business and end consumers
  • improving the quality of products

Industrial safety

Company’s goals:
  • increasing the level of industrial and occupational safety and reducing the rate of injuries, accidents, and occupational diseases
  • mitigating the man-made burden and maintaining a favourable natural environment and human habitat
  • preventing environmental damage from business activities
  • the sustainable use, restoration, and protection of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity
  • introducing best practices in environmental safety
  • energy conservation and energy efficiency
Company’s activities:
  • continuous improvements to industrial safety methods
  • establishment and development of a safety culture at the Company
  • protection of the atmosphere
  • the sustainable use and protection of water resources
  • waste management and the protection of land resources
  • energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • implementation of biodiversity conservation programmes
  • enhanced industrial safety levels and the prevention of emergency situations
  • modernization of emergency protection systems
  • ensuring safe working conditions
  • implementation of medical preventive programs and support for a healthy lifestyle

Social development

Company’s goals:
  • development of the Company’s human resources
  • support for local communities in the regions where the Company operates and assistance with the socioeconomic development of regions
Company’s activities:
  • ensuring competitive remuneration and a social package for employees
  • assessment, development, and training of staff
  • establishment of a talent pool
  • development of internal communications and a corporate culture
  • support for the development of social infrastructure in the regions where the Company operates
  • development of human capital in the regions and promoting increased social activism
  • introduction of leading social practices
  • development of cooperation with stakeholders

Gazprom Neft actively cooperates with key stakeholders when designing and implementing its sustainable development strategy, which enables the Company to improve the efficiency of its social and environmental activities and to achieve comprehensive and long-term positive changes.

The Company's management systems cover all areas of these activities and are structured in accordance with international standards. The sustainable development efficiency indicators are included in the system of key performance indicators (KPIs) of Gazprom Neft managers and employees.

Sustainable development management structure at Gazprom Neft