Management approach

The Company believes that sustainable growth in business and the prosperity of the society in which it operates are inextricably linked. In achieving its strategic goals, Gazprom Neft strives to create value for stakeholders at each stage of its activities and to contribute to the country’s socioeconomic development.

Value chain

Advantages of the business model
A balanced portfolio of production assets

The Company is able to meet the needs of the oil and gas market by increasing hydrocarbon production each year. Large-scale development and the introduction of innovations facilitate the growth in output.

A balanced project portfolio helps to effectively manage production in rapidly changing market conditions.

Modern and efficient oil refineries in Russia and abroad

An advantageous location, modernized production facilities, and ongoing projects to improve operational efficiency enable the Company to maintain its position as an industry leader in refining efficiency and meet the needs of the domestic market.

Modernization programs not only improve the quality of products, but also improve the environmental performance of motor fuels and minimize the impact of refineries on the environment.

Direct sales network in most Russian regions and ten countries

Having an extensive sales network in Russia and around the world helps the Company to maximize the margin from the sale of oil and petroleum products and provide products to a wide range of customers – from retail customers to major traders.

Creating value for stakeholders
  • Providing high-quality fuel
  • Responsible production: preserving the environment and biodiversity
Shareholders and investors
  • Long-term growth in the Company’s value
  • A high level of dividend yield
Consumers and customers

Regular availability and the stable provision of petroleum products with excellent consumer and environmental attributes

  • Stable jobs
  • A dignified compensation package
  • Social support
  • Ample opportunities for professional growth
  • Ensuring energy security
  • Contribution to economic development
  • Tax payments
  • Technological development of the Russian oil and gas industry
Regions of operation and local communities

Contribution to the socioeconomic stability of the regions:

  • development of local production and suppliers
  • tax payments
  • creation of jobs and environmental conservation programmes
  • improving the quality of life of local communities
  • promoting growth in social activity and social entrepreneurship
2017 milestones
89.75 mn TOE hydrocarbon production 40.11 mn t oil refining 51 regions of Russia Supply of petroleum products to the public and business RUB 27.1 bn investment in environmental protection
RUB 1.16 tn Company’s capitalization as of 31 December 2017 RUB 10.68 per share dividend payments for 2016 14.5% combined income of shareholders in 2017
26.53 mn t of oil sales 43.48 mn t of petroleum products sales 12.4 mn members of the Gazpromneft filling station loyalty programme All the Company’s oil refineries fully switched to Euro-5 ahead of schedule
67,882 employees working at the Company
to 0.326
LTIFR reduced
55,891 employees underwent training RUB 112,900 average salary
19.9 mn t of oil exports RUB 721 bn tax payments Increased service life of mature fields through the use of modern technologies
221 social projects implemented RUB 4.313 bn social investments